The objective of the Accelerating Clean Energy Access to Reduce Inequality (ACCESS) project is to support the poor and most vulnerable communities to have equitable and sustainable access to basic services for improving their livelihoods. The ACCESS project will be implemented in 2020-2024 in 22 villages in four provinces in Indonesia (East Nusa Tenggara, West Sulawesi, South-East Sulawesi and Central Kalimantan provinces) and 25 villages in three municipalities of Timor-Leste (Municipality of Dili Atauro, Bobonaro and Manatuto). The ACCESS project is funded from the grant of USD 18,028,509 from the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) Indonesia, from which Indonesia's allocation is USD 15,028,509 and USD 3 million for Timor-Leste.


Central Kalimantan

223 kWp solar-PV Power Plant
570 households 
4 villages in 2 regencies

West Sulawesi

219 kWp solar-PV Power Plant
618 households
4 villages in 2 regencies

Southeast Sulawesi

1,239 kWp solar-PV Power Plant
1,116 households
6 villages in 4 regencies

East Nusa Tenggara

223 kWp solar-PV Power Plant
721 households
7 villages in 2 regencies


HESLS for 207 households
3 Villages and 6 Sub-Villages


Solar-PV Water Pump for 221 households
HESLS for 362 households
9 Sub-Villages inVillages


HESLS for 431 households
5 Villages and 12 Sub-Villages

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